Sunday, June 15, 2008


Teddy Bear from Malaysiakini, presented to the 'King' from kids whose fathers detained under ISA, deprived from celebrating Father's Day with their beloved daddy.

Today is father's day. Someone sent me a message "Happy Father's Day" early in the morning while I was still in the sleep. To my surprise, this 'someone' is not even my own kid.

So, this make me wonder whether is it normal for a 'father' to receive a wishing "Happy Father's Day" from someone who is not his daughter or son.

Well, come to think of it, as long as one is father, he is 'qualified' to receive father's day wishing from anyone, even he or she is not your son or daughter.

Important thing here is if your wishes can make a father feels 'great' or 'happy', even you are not his son or daughter, why not?

This post is dedicated to this 'someone' and my late father, who passed away last year.

I miss you dad, "Happy Father's Day to you" daddy. I wish to mention part of my tribute to him below:-

"I will repay your deeds by living my life to the fullest and be a good father to my own children. Bye dad, have a better life somewhere else."

"我一定会好好的活下去, 做一位我孩子们的好
, 再见. 愿您有个更美满的来世."

Friday, June 13, 2008


I learned a new technique. Lets enjoy the video clip.