Thursday, November 01, 2007


A very unequal world - an article of 'DR. HSU FORUM' has prompted me to start a 'DONATION FOR GOOD CAUSE' drive of SGD 5 per click to help out the poor and unfortunates. I quote part of the article here :-

" Businessweek estimated that in 2006, there are 9.6 million household with net worth more than US $1 million dollars. Together , they control about one third of the world’s total wealth.

4.6 million of them are in United States. 2,300 out of this 4.6 million are worth more than 100 US million each.

Japan, Britain, Germany and China made up of the other top 4 nations in the world with the most millionaires. China has the fastest rate of increase for millionaires at 39 % per year .

On the other extreme, 1.1 billion population live under absolute poverty, meaning that they live with less than US$1 a day. Another 2.7 billion live in relative poverty, meaning that they earn less than US$2 a day.

How to have a more equitable world? Perhaps there should be more Warren Buffet, the investment guru and the second richest man after Bill Gates, who donated most of his wealth to charity to help those in poverty. "

Just think this over and we will realize what Dr. Hsu mentioned here is very true. Just imagine if each of the millionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet can impart a 'tiny fraction' of their wealth to the poor and unfortunate, they 'inequality' as stated here would not change much, but it will benefit the mankind.