Sunday, December 28, 2008


A comment by one 'telur dua' on the latest Isreali air-strike on Gaza caught my attention,

  1. People everywhere and in Malaysia will do well to remember Gandhi’s words. ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.’

Wisdom of 'forgive and forget' is the key to solve this conflict since long long ago, as long as history can remember.............

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I practise Bhante Kovida Qi Gong

Bhante comments on his book...
Some people will be surprised and puzzled while others, no doubt, will be shocked and upset with my explanation of certain topics such as khamma and rebirth, since many teachers explain these topics otherwise.

My thoughts on these subjects should not be viewed as concrete truths but rather as different ways of looking and reflecting on aspects of the Dhamma. We should, after all, keep an open and inquiring mind, and resist the easy temptation of clinging to views and opinions. We must always be alert to the persisting habit of the clinging/craving mind because it's really not important what we think and want to believe. What really matters, and what the Buddha kept reminding people, is that our minds and hearts are peaceful and free from suffering and dis-ease, ego pride, arrogance and conceit, and blessed with the four sublime states of loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.

Another jewel that I found,

"When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. And that's my religion. - Abraham Lincoln"

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Today is a very special day to me, not because today is Christmas day, but because a jewel that I found in internet finally found this blog, "Gary's Garden".

I believe, in doing whatever thing, sincerity is a must. Lacking of it makes the whole matter not meaningful at all.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Make a guess, who can sing better

Two little cute girls, played their roles in Beijing Olympic 2008

This is Yang PeiYi

this is Lin MiaoKe

Who do you think can sing better? Answer can be found in Dr. Hsu's Forum

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beware of man, not hungry ghosts!

I came across this article in Malaysiakini titled 'Beware of man, not hungry gohosts!' by Sim Kwang Yang. This article ended with a paragraph below, which I found it carries a lot of truth,

".......I remember what an old Iban man told me once. There is nothing to fear from ghosts. Human beings can do much more harm to their fellowmen than all the ghosts in hell. Watching the antiques of politicians engaged in plots and counter-plots in Malaysia, I will have to admit this little dictum has indeed more than a grain of truth!....."

Friday, August 08, 2008


Today is a auspicious day. 080808 is the only day that exist in a century with 080808 as its date. So, glue to your tv screen for tonight opening ceremony of this Beijing Olympic. Lets enjoy and pray for the successful Olympic.

Pictures courtesy of

Monday, August 04, 2008


Dr. Hsu's Forum is my favourite blog that I 'bumped' into. Below is his advice to a guy named 'Justin' who aspires to be a doctor, which I think, a 'must read' article for future doctors.
Here is the link to Dr. Hsu's Forum

Thanks for your kind comments.

Just for your information, three of my children are in medicine. One already working in the States, one in fifth yr Auckland, and one just enter medical school.

The chinese has a saying, a doctor must behave like a parent towards his patients. We must love our patients like we love our kids. Not aways poossible, human being human, but we have to try.

We need to have patience, maybe that’s why patients are called patients to remind doctors to be patient. We need to have good rapport, we need to really like people. We have to talk a lot, even sometimes repeating again and again when the patients would be asking you on same topic again and again, just to make ourselves clear.

It is not easy to be like that alwaya, we being human, we some time may lose our patience, too. But over the years, if you genuinely love your work and like your patients, you find that you become closer and closer to most of your patients.
Of course, I am running a family practice clinic, in which I see the same patients over and over again. I see my child patients grow up , become adults, married and have their own kids which become my patients too. And that helps to creat mutual understanding and friendship.

However, don’t ever get emotionally attached to your patients. You can be friendly with them but don’t get emotionally attached, otherwise, you will get badly affected, say when one of your favourite hypertension patients suddenly develop a stroke or die, , it can really affect you.

But Life is not a bed of roses. Medicine is a life long responsibility. Medicine is a life-long learning processs. Maybe that’s why I am always learning new things, besides medicine. Medicine needs long hours, need your physical presence and so when your lawyer or engineeering friends are having frequent holidays, you have to be physically present in your clinic to deal with your patients. You cannot delegate your work. You have to have a sense of responsibility.

There is a saying , ” to cure seldom, to relieve sometimes, but to comfort always”. If you can have that “comforting” attitude, then medicine is the field for you.

Try not to let medicine dictate your life. I suppose you play piano. My children are all good pianists, so when they get upset, they get bored, they get disillusioned, they resort to music ,. That always helps. So when you do medicine, don’t give up your music. You will find it handy when you actually practice medicine next time.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

NEW CABINET LINE UP, is this for real?


or, THIS

I found these two new cabinet line up. Not sure is this for real? So, make your own judgement.

Saturday, July 26, 2008



Sunday, June 15, 2008


Teddy Bear from Malaysiakini, presented to the 'King' from kids whose fathers detained under ISA, deprived from celebrating Father's Day with their beloved daddy.

Today is father's day. Someone sent me a message "Happy Father's Day" early in the morning while I was still in the sleep. To my surprise, this 'someone' is not even my own kid.

So, this make me wonder whether is it normal for a 'father' to receive a wishing "Happy Father's Day" from someone who is not his daughter or son.

Well, come to think of it, as long as one is father, he is 'qualified' to receive father's day wishing from anyone, even he or she is not your son or daughter.

Important thing here is if your wishes can make a father feels 'great' or 'happy', even you are not his son or daughter, why not?

This post is dedicated to this 'someone' and my late father, who passed away last year.

I miss you dad, "Happy Father's Day to you" daddy. I wish to mention part of my tribute to him below:-

"I will repay your deeds by living my life to the fullest and be a good father to my own children. Bye dad, have a better life somewhere else."

"我一定会好好的活下去, 做一位我孩子们的好
, 再见. 愿您有个更美满的来世."

Friday, June 13, 2008


I learned a new technique. Lets enjoy the video clip.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008


Thanks to for this picture.

To me, Buddhism is about nature. It is not important to find out how, who or when nature was created.

Being living creature of higher intelligence than others, we human need to know how to co-exist or blend with nature. We need to respect life of other living beings. (By the way, it is we human that 'self-acclaimed' that we are of higher intelligence than others).

But things don’t work out so perfectly in the real world where we kill animal for food, encroach into jungle and spoil their habitats, clear up forest to cater for our needs and so on.

That is why Buddha told us not to adopt his teachings blindly without understanding and self realisation. To understand Buddha’s teachings fully is not an easy task and it is near impossible.

But at least, if we can do things moderately and with clear conscience, I should say that we have contributed quite a bit to mankind. Just remember, what goes around, comes around, if you don’t believe in ‘Law of Karma’ discovered by Gautama Buddha.

There is no point if you ask for forgiveness for sins committed from God, you need to clear your sins by doing good deeds.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Watch out for LIM GUAN ENG

Flying on economy class. Same flight with Ning Baizura. Someone commented "when Ghandi was asked the reason why he travelled on the 3rd class train...he answered, because there was no 4th class. Good Luck and LGE"

eating breakfast at hawker centre......Being humble is our way of life

Read more about LGE,

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Famous Last Words

Famous Last Malaysian politicians. Do you think they like to 'retract' now, ie after 12th GE? My source from TV Smith's Dua Sen

by TV Smith

To commemorate the one-month anniversary of the Triumph Of Good Over Evil (not referring to Deepavali lah), let's re-visit some of the famous lasting words dutifully cached by Google...

"People only sought information on matters like tourism on the Internet and from blogs" - Zam

And during that time what has happened? We have sent a man to space, but PAS masih main bulan (is still playing with the moon)” - Najib

An army can come but I know how to fight it out. The people in Sungai Siput are with me. They are my strength. I have strived for them and served them" - Samy

"Now this young punk Lim Guan Eng has fallen for Anwar's sweet talk and is working in cahoots with him to convince Chinese voters to vote for the opposition" - Keng Yaik

Do you think Penang people are stupid to support him (Guan Eng)? We Penangites are not stupid” - Pak Lah

"Huge Crowd At Lembah Pantai Ceramah Says It All For Pak Lah" - Bernama

"It's nothing to do with Anwar. We have forgotten about Anwar. I don't remember about Anwar" - Pak Lah

The facts speak for themselves. Our report card is there for the community to judge. Over the past four years, we have delivered” - Ka Ting

"The Barisan is peaking now. We let them shoot and finish their bullets. Now we’re the ones with the bullets and we are chipping away at their arguments” - Keng Yaik

"BN is the best choice as the people have the easiest access to government machinery. This is important and I think BN will win big again this time" - Ka Ting

"The street protests may be about the right to demonstrate, but is also the quickest way to lose votes" - Chun Wai

"They (the Opposition) thrive on petty issues..." - Adnan

"Umno has ruled Malaysia for 50 years and they can rule for another 50 years more. And Umno does not need PPP, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, Sabah, Sarawak or anyone else to do this" - Ali

"Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo yakin kekuatan jentera Pemuda, Wanita dan Puteri serta BN negeri ketika ini cukup bersedia untuk menjadikan Selangor negeri sifar pembangkang (zero opposition) pada pilihanraya umum akan datang" - News Reports

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Thank you Alan Ng for allowing me to 'copy' his video clip and wordings for one of my favorite song, "Moon represents my heart", 月亮代表我的心.

D F#m
Em A

D F#m
Em A D

D F#m
D F#m



Karma is a word from the philosophy of many Indian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism). The basic theory is that the universe runs according to certain laws, all described by one word 'Dharma' (Sanskrit) or 'Dhamma' (Pali). The basic theory is: 'cause and affect'. The laws (Dharma) decide what affect is beget from a given cause. Karma is the 'cause' part of this theory. In other words, your actions - mental, vocal and physical are your Karma (plural).

Please note that in the Buddhist philosophy, Dharma does not 'punish' or 'reward' anyone. The concepts of good and bad don't exist here. For example, gravity is one of the laws of the universe, and if you jumped off a building and killed yourself, we wouldn't say that gravity was punishing you.

Selfless service will help 'improve' my Karma.

More interpretation of Karma go here

Sunday, March 09, 2008


The just concluded 12th General Election indeed a revolution for Malaysia. Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz liken it to a tsunami. Perhaps there is no other word best described the just concluded general election. To me, it is the beginning of a new era for Malaysia where we realised race-base politics is definitely not the way we should go for. We should not look at problem at 'race first, problem second' anymore. A problem is a problem irrespective of whether it is faced by Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban or 'lain-lain'.

The statements made by our leaders after the release of General Election results are indeed assuring and respectable in every senses.

PAS spiritual leader, Nik Aziz said :-

“I want to thank everybody, all the races that worked together with PAS to bring in this victory. I appreciate your support. We will approach this victory from an Islamic point of view and this means everyone is equal. All are brothers and sisters. There should be no more dividing people along racial lines,”

To be appointed Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng said :-

“It will be a government for all Malaysians. We stress that we will not rule alone but together with PKR. We also hope that the PAS can help this new government”.

PKR de-facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim said :-

“The people have voted decisively for a new era where the government must be truly inclusive and recognises that all Malaysians, regardless of race, culture or race are a nation of one,”


Source : Malaysiakini (simplified site)

Confirmed: Guan Eng is the new Penang CM - 1.01am

DAP confirmed today that its secretary general Lim Guan Eng will be the next Penang Chief Minister. He said that DAP would form the state government with PKR. “It will be a government for all Malaysians. We stress that we will not rule alone but together with PKR. We also hope that the PAS can help this new government”.

  • Unofficial: BN denied its two-thirds - 12.59am

    Unofficially the opposition parties - DAP, PKR and PAS have managed to deny the BN its two-thirds majority in the Parliament. At the last count, DAP won 27, PKR 25 and PAS 24, bringing a total of 76 seats, one more than the magical number of 75 needed to deny the 2/3. Meanwhile the BN has won 108 seats. There are a total of 222 seats.
  • MCA president shocked by BN losses - 12.58am

    MCA president Ong Ka Ting today expressed shock over the election results which saw the ruling Barisan Nasional losing scores of seats to the opposition.

    “The results are shocking because there are several states which BN has lost. However, MCA accepts the decision of the voters because it is their right,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

    Ong also added that MCA will conduct a detailed study on the defeat.
  • Lion of Jelutong roars in Bukit Gelugor - 12.50am

    DAP’s Karpal Singh eats up Koay Kar Huah (BN) with a whopping 21,015 majority.

Official: Opposition wins big in Kelantan - 12.47am

PAS and PKR won 40 of the 45 state seats in Kelantan, with BN taking the rest. In 2004, the margin was much closer with the opposition having just a one-seat margin against the BN.
  • Official: Wan Azizah retains Permatang Pauh - 12.31am

    The incumbent wins the seat with a larger majority of 13, 388 votes. She polled in 30, 338 as opposed to BN’s Firdaus Ismail’s 16, 950. In the three state seats under this constituency, BN took Seberang Jaya while Pas won Permatang Pasir and PKR won Penanti.
  • Official: BN retains Perlis, Terengganu, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan - 12.28am

    The respective state menteris besar officially announced that the BN had retained the state governments in these states.

Unofficial: Opposition wins Selangor - 12.25am

Selangor has fallen into the hands of the opposition. PKR has earlier announced that its secretary-general Khalid Ibrahim will be named chief minister. In Selangor, DAP has taken 35 seats (DAP - 15, PKR - 11 and PAS - 9) out of the 56 seats in the state.

Meanwhile, the opposition is also doing very well in Perak but it is still not clear how many of the 59 state seats it has won.

Guan Eng to be Penang CM - 11.59pm

Guan Eng to be Penang CM - 11.59pm It is believed that DAP has named party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng as the next chief minister of Penang. DAP won all 19 state seats it contested in Penang with PKR winning six and Pas two. There are 40 state seats in Penang.

Confirmed: Opposition takes Kedah - 10.50pm

Both the PAS and PKR have won 22 out of 36 state seats in Kedah. This means that the combined opposition will form the next state government there. Apart from Kedah, the opposition has won two other states - Kelantan and Penang.

Teresa Kok wins with whopping 36,600 majority - 9.02pm

Teresa Kok has won her Seputeh parliamentary seat with an unprecedented 36,564 majority. She also won the Kinrara state seat with a massive 4,901 majority.

Confirmed: Opposition takes Penang - 8.52pm

Unofficial result: The opposition will form the next state government in Penang for second time in history. Gerakan, then an opposition party, won Penang almost 40 years ago. The DAP-PKR-PAS combination has collectively won at least 24 seats out of the 40 seats.

Blogger Jeff Ooi has big lead in Jelutong - 8.15pm

DAP’s Jeff Ooi is leading in the Jelutong parliamentary seat and the party is also leading in all three state seats in Jelutong - Datuk Keramat, Sungai Pinang and Batu Lanchang.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tired but smiling. How about tonight?


Ceramah last night before you going to vote. Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin has good description of what was happening last night. Copy and paste this link to read more
Also see

Lembah Pantai ceramah

Friday, March 07, 2008


Samy Vellu, Sungai Siput
Koh Tsu Koon, Batu Kawan
Ong Kah Chuan, Tanjung Malim
M Kayveas, Taiping
Ling Hee Leong, Gopeng



More photos, click here
  • Malaysian Insider
  • Wednesday, March 05, 2008


    If you are undecided who to vote, or don't know who to vote, perhaps you can take a simple test designed by Kenny Sia to help you who to vote.

    Press here to proceed with test......

  • Election Decision Generator
  • Monday, March 03, 2008


    This one no makan

    This one got makan

    Same venue - 精武体育会礼堂 Chin Woo Hall, Ipoh
    Different Ceramah - guess whose?

    Sunday, March 02, 2008



    Han Jiang Padang, Penang 6 March 2008
    small Malay village in Batang Kulim near Kuala Kangsar
    Simpang Pulai, Gopeng
    Subang Jaya
    Petaling Jaya
    Seri Delima, Penang
    Serdang, Selangor
    SS 22, Petaling Jaya Utara
    Teruntum, Ampang, Selangor
    SS2, Petaling Jaya Utara
    Subang Jaya
    Subang Jaya