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(picture from Malaysiakini Chinese edition)

This kind of picture is rare, but it is happening in Penang. Some surprises in the pipeline?

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"I see my resemblance to Obama as a blessing - I used to look at the mirror and I had a negative perception of myself"

Ilham Anas - Obama lookalike


Very humble expression of Ilham Anas. You just not only lookalike Obama, you are just like Obama.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Image from Malaysiakin

In line with PKR-PAS victory in KT "by-buy-bye-bye" election, I am attracted by many comments of these 'True Malaysians' which I wish to put them as 'archive' for my children, friends, fellow Malaysians (include those with ostrich and racist mentality) and world audiences to read and showcase to international community that a New Malaysia is soon to be born.

written by OmegaMan, January 17, 2009
OTK, are you again talking to yourself? Who in Malaysia are you trying to convince that KT Chinese voters were behind MCA and BN? The Chinese people had just about enough of MCA and the likes of you and this is a clear sign of rejection. The new generation of voters are colour blind and all that they desire are elected representatives like PR who will boldly speak out for them on issues that are close to their hearts and the politicans that they detest most are the yes-man politicians. So run along and do your trumpeting elsewhere.

written by zik, January 17, 2009

Syabas! Congratulations!
written by ktteokt, January 18, 2009
Congratulations to all partners in Pakatan Rakyat for the victory in KT by-election! You have shown the whole nation that race and religion are not criteria to unity! Losing GE12, the PP by-election and now the KT by-election is something BN has never experienced in the last half a century, what's more all three running consecutively. This shows the maturity of the electorate in Malaysia and that they relinquished the fear posed by threats from BN!

I just hope that from now on, BN will discard its old lines of action and reform. But looking at the way BN has been performing since March 08, I doubt they will do so! A leopard never change its spots.

Pakatan Rakyat will be truly multi-racial
written by Fitri, January 17, 2009
Congrats DAP.
Tjhe next GE will see Pakatan Rakyat : PAS (Malay, Chinese and Indian Muslim + Chinese, Indian, Orang Asli, Iban non-Muslim) + DAP (Chinese, Indian, Malay) + PKR (Malay, Chinese, Indian, various Sabah ethnic, various Sarawak ethnic) VS racial based BN component parties spearheaded by UMNO.
I hope Malaysian sanity will allow multiracial parties to prevail over the racial-based parties.

written by Honest view, January 17, 2009
I told you guys, DAP is a multiracial party with meritocracy. This also reflects Malay Malaysian are desire for MERITOCRACY.

Who cares who is the PM or MB or CM, so long he / she is elected on merit through democracy.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Image from The Malaysian Insider

9.30pm: PAS vice-president Ahmad Awang: "The win shows that Pakatan Rakyat is aviable coalition... This win is not just for PAS but for Pakatan Rakyat."

Friday, January 16, 2009

HAHA, I Like this

Excerpts from RPK, LOL,

“Why are you insulting us by giving us RM300 Ang Pows?” one reasonably rich Chinese asked me. “Do you think we are so bangsat we need this RM300?”

“If the government treats the Chinese better you do not need to bribe us with RM300. If you treat us better we can give the government RM300. RM300 is nothing. It is a small amount.”

“The fact that the government needs to give us RM300 means the government has not treated the Chinese well. That is why they give us RM300 to buy our votes. If not, no need to give us any money. We can give the government money instead.”

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"Anicca" is pronounced "ah nicha" in Pali, meaning impermanence!!

Wait a minute, look here

Wait a minute guys, look here. You never get this in main stream media (MSM). Pictures courtesy of The People's Parliament, blog of Haris Ibrahim. Ceramah at Ocean Restaurant, Kuala Trengganu for coming bye-election on 17 Jan 2009, sponsored by DAP but paid by supporters.

I have much respect to Nik Aziz, Zaid Ibrahim, Haris Ibrahim and RPK.

I salute you guys.

Sons of Ibrahim, you are true Malaysians.






Tuesday, January 13, 2009

'Keep children away from demos'

Have a nice day. This, I copied from a friend I regard as 'Jewel in blogosphere'. We need to cultivate peace, not anger and hatred.

I was attracted to a comment by one named 'Marion Tharsis' in response with an article in Malaysiakini titled "PSM: Education minister 'exploiting' children"" and wish to reproduced here for the benefit of all :-

Marion Tharsis: I totally deplore the use of children to satisfy the government's or more particularly, the education minister's show of hatred towards the conflict in Gaza. I, as a parent, would not even send my child to school if such a show of hatred is being planned.

Do not make the teachers and children the scapegoats of your own selfish agenda. Children should never be used to serve anyone's cause be it with parents' consent or otherwise. Period.

If the minster really cares for the future well-being and good mental development of these young ones, he should instead advise the teachers to tell the children that the peace and tranquility we enjoy in this country, should always be preserved and valued.

This way, the children grow up with the right attitude and character - not ones with abject anger or hatred. As it is, racial integration in schools is already at its lowest level and no proper action is taken to correct the situation.

I shudder to think of the consequences of this kind of ill advice given by a man in authority and custodian of the nation's education system. The very same person who flashed the keris some time ago.

Parents send their children to gain a sound education and learn good moral values - not to demonstrate or to be taught to play politics or create any animosity.

I had the good fortune of having a good education in the mission schools of old and I can still remember that we used to observe a few minutes of silence in prayers for those people ravaged by war or some natural disasters. At no one time was there any expression of any anger or hatred shown to any one.

Please do not make the mistakes that others around the world made with young, innocent and tender lives who just follow the adults and are not in a position to realise if it is right or wrong.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

DAP bukan parti perkauman

An article by one Wan Hamidi titled "Mampukah DAP menbantu kemenangan Pakatan Rakyat" in The Malaysian Insider. What attracted me is not this article, but a comment with title 'DAP bukan parti perkauman' by 'Honest view'. I agree with the comment fully and reproduced here.

Saya berpendapat DAP bukan satu parti 'perkauman' walaupun kebanyakan ahlinya kaum Cina Malaysia. Kaum Cina Malaysia suka DAP kerana ianya satu parti yang berasaskan kepada 'meritocracy' atau 'kebolehan' seseorang yang tidak kira orang itu Cina, Melayu, India, Kadazan dan sebagainya, dan tidak kira orng itu berugama Islam, Buddha, Christian, Hindu atau tidak berugama langsung.

Oleh itu, adalah tidak berasas jika orang kata DAP adalah parti Cina atau berbau perkauman. Kalau anda membuat analisa, ahli parliament India Malaysia dari DAP adalah lebih ramai daripada BN, dan ini bukan kerana kuota, ini kerana orang-orang yang terpilih adalah 'berkebolehan'. Selain daripada itu, orang Melayu yang dihormati seperti Tunku Aziz telahpun memilih DAP sebagai parti yang sesuai dengan pemikirannya. Encik Haris Ibrahim, orang Melayu yang sangat dihormati saya, juga kata kalau beliau nak jadi orang politik, dia akan memilih DAP.

Contoh-contoh yang demikian adalah bukti yang ternyata mengapa Encik Lim Guan Eng sungguh diminati dan dihormati orang-orang Malaysia, termasuk orang Melayu.

Pemikiran orang-orang Malaysia sudah tidak kolot. Kami boleh menerima 'meritocracy' sebagai asas membangun negara. Pilihanraya kecil Kuala Trengganu pada 17 Januari, 2009 adalah mesej yang kuat untuk Umno dan BN supaya berinsaf akan polisi-polisi mereka yang kolot dan tidak membawa kemajuan tulin kepada Malaysia.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I like this graphic, how about you?

"I would like to end by saying I hope you, the Kuala Terengganu voters, will not let Malaysia down. We are depending on you to teach Barisan Nasional a lesson on 17 January 2009. A message needs to be sent to Barisan Nasional. And you have the opportunity to do this in the Kuala Terengganu by-election. Do this for Malaysia. And, more importantly, do it for the future generation, your children and grandchildren. You owe them this much."

Yours truly,

Raja Petra Kamarudin

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Papa & Mama

Very often, we take for granted the love of our papa & mama to us. We would appreciate their love more when we become parents ourselves, or when they are no more around us. Well, human being human, it is always the case we can't understand our parents and as parents, we don't understand our own offsprings. What to do, life is like that. Anyway, I wish to share two articles of a true friend of my about papa and mama. They worth your two cents to read and appreciate.


To-day is Father's Day. So the ritual begins. Who's going to take Dad to breakfast, lunch and dinner? Many weeks ago after Mother's Day, I met a friend and his family together with his parents at a restaurant. He told me it was in lieu of Mother's Day for his two other siblings had "booked" his mother for dinners for the last two days. Lucky parents. I suppose he will have the same arrangement for Father's Day.

Since this is my first post for Father's Day I have to relate my little story, just like what I did for Mother's Day. From next year onwards, I just need to write "Happy Mother's Day" and "Happy Father's Day". Why don't we follow the South Koreans who celebrate "Parents' Day" on May 8. Save time, save petrol, save money! After all you don't take just one of your parents to celebrate, do you?

Apparently the famous psychologist Sigmond Freud said, "I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection." Maybe I can copy him to say, "I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a mother's love."

Whether or not we love our parents right now, it does not change the fact that our fathers protected us and our mothers loved us. Of course, there is always exception to the rule. And how do we express our grattitude? Strangely, I wonder whether you notice? The Westerners compared with Asians, are not so family oriented; but they show their love for the family in a much more expressive manner with hugs and kisses. On the other hand, Asians who have stronger traditional family values do not display their affection physically. Well, I suppose it is our ingrained social behaviour to be more restrained.

For those with happy families, traditional celebrations are occasions to be cherished. These are the opportune time to meet up with other relatives as well. Father's Day is a bit special. Siblings have a good excuse to get together. Now the problems come if siblings are not that friendly to one another. Sound familiar?? To add to the "problem", what if paternal (or maternal) relationship is not that rosy? Mother's Day or Father's Day is really a heart-breaking day to be reminded that you can't express your love and gratitude to your parents.


To-day is Mother's Day, so says the media. I suppose it all started in the west. But no; after consulting the Mother of all Mothers of Information.....The Wikipedia! Not to waste your time here, you can click here.

In China, in recent years some people began to advocate Mother's Day for memory of Meng Mu, the mother of
Mèng Zǐ. It's still not an official festival except in very few cities.

Closer to home, Malaysia. Do you know who are the happiest people to-day? No you are wrong, not the mothers. I cannot be a mother because I am a father; but I don't think the average mother will be the happiest to-day. The first reason is she will avoid scolding or criticizing her children. But the saddest thing is this paradox, the mother feels great disappointment when the children have "forgotten" her, especially to-day. But if she has the wisdom to reflect; it is no difference if her children can remember her on only one day of the year, but "forgotten" her the rest of the year. Oh yes, who are the happiest? Of course, the business people, especially those in the food and cake business.

Who is the person in the picture? My mother. She is 84. I can remember her age this year because she has come full cycle 7 times in the Chinese zodiac! During our times, there was no such thing as Mother's Day or Father's Day. Everyday was "The Same Thing Day" because everyday was just another day.

The greatest tragedy for a mother is when she is old and useless, the children/grandchildren/husband, chuck her away in the Old Folks home to ...just use your imagination. My second sister and I took back my mother from an old folks home when she suffered this horrible fate. Now she is safely with me although "old and useless". She is now not as you see her in the above picture.

Everyday is Mother's Day to me. What about you?

Happy Mother's Day???

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Kuala Trengganu voters, put your cross on this guy. JUST IGNORE OTHERS


To be won by how big margin, you decide. Below is statistic from last election provided by Malaysiakini