Saturday, May 24, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008


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To me, Buddhism is about nature. It is not important to find out how, who or when nature was created.

Being living creature of higher intelligence than others, we human need to know how to co-exist or blend with nature. We need to respect life of other living beings. (By the way, it is we human that 'self-acclaimed' that we are of higher intelligence than others).

But things don’t work out so perfectly in the real world where we kill animal for food, encroach into jungle and spoil their habitats, clear up forest to cater for our needs and so on.

That is why Buddha told us not to adopt his teachings blindly without understanding and self realisation. To understand Buddha’s teachings fully is not an easy task and it is near impossible.

But at least, if we can do things moderately and with clear conscience, I should say that we have contributed quite a bit to mankind. Just remember, what goes around, comes around, if you don’t believe in ‘Law of Karma’ discovered by Gautama Buddha.

There is no point if you ask for forgiveness for sins committed from God, you need to clear your sins by doing good deeds.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Watch out for LIM GUAN ENG

Flying on economy class. Same flight with Ning Baizura. Someone commented "when Ghandi was asked the reason why he travelled on the 3rd class train...he answered, because there was no 4th class. Good Luck and LGE"

eating breakfast at hawker centre......Being humble is our way of life

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