Sunday, April 26, 2009


This is really horrible. I can’t imagine this can happen until I watch it.

I still can’t believe the story is true. Some puppies that people keep as pets are having more decent food then these kids.

I am so sad to see this.

I just shown this video to my wife and kids. They look stunted, speechless, sad, unbelievable……

The family concerned even so thankful with these left-over foods………Can we do something good for mankind? To make mankind more meaningful?

My late father used to tell me to eat half full, and let others eat the other half.

Such kind gesture live with me until today. I never forget those words of my dear father.

Some other comments over this video,

By cilipadi:

I never wasted my cilipadi. If in excess, I process them into cilipadi paste. No wastage and no left-over.

I never give a treat to people with left-over. I am willing to treat you with fresh cilipadi.

After watching the video, I feel like giving these wonderful people a decent meal wholeheartedly, definitely not KFC or Pizza Hut, and definitely not LEFT-OVER or EXCESS FOOD.

This is cilipadi’s way of treating people. Left-over, as not to waste them, are for animals, definitely not to fellow human being.

Remember, all life are equal in Buddhism. Inferiority is man-made.

By Justin Choo:

It’s a paradox. Since young I have ben taught not to waste food and have cultivated this habit of finishing whatever is on my plate no matter how full I am.

Now I have to be mindful of this “not very healthy” habit given my age. I should not force myself to stuff food into my stomache if I am already full. And most of the time I failed to remember this. Old habit virtually cannot be changed!! (Partly due to greed for food.)

By Dr. Hsu:

I was brought up in a confucianist family. My late father was educated in CHina , a graduate of a Chinese university.

He had often taught us about this saying and he in fact wrote a scroll for me which I still had it:

In Mandarin, it is : . 一粥 一 饭 当 思 来 处 不 易 (translation: With each bowl of gruel or rice you should recall that its production is not easy. 。)

半 絲 半 縷 恆 念 物 力 維 艱 。 ( translation: With each half length of silk or hemp, always remember “to make a thing is very hard.” )

This saying is from ZHu Tze, a great confucian sage.

We were taught to finish every grain of rice. Until now, I still do so. If I cant finish my rice, it will be a signal that I am sick..

As for older people, and health, as raised byJustin, it would be good to eat frequent small meals, and if it is frequent small meals , we won’t waste it, and is good for our digestive system as well as our metablolism..

Can also watch this video in youtube.

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