Tuesday, January 13, 2009

'Keep children away from demos'

Have a nice day. This, I copied from a friend I regard as 'Jewel in blogosphere'. We need to cultivate peace, not anger and hatred.

I was attracted to a comment by one named 'Marion Tharsis' in response with an article in Malaysiakini titled "PSM: Education minister 'exploiting' children" http://malaysiakini.com/news/96188" and wish to reproduced here for the benefit of all :-

Marion Tharsis: I totally deplore the use of children to satisfy the government's or more particularly, the education minister's show of hatred towards the conflict in Gaza. I, as a parent, would not even send my child to school if such a show of hatred is being planned.

Do not make the teachers and children the scapegoats of your own selfish agenda. Children should never be used to serve anyone's cause be it with parents' consent or otherwise. Period.

If the minster really cares for the future well-being and good mental development of these young ones, he should instead advise the teachers to tell the children that the peace and tranquility we enjoy in this country, should always be preserved and valued.

This way, the children grow up with the right attitude and character - not ones with abject anger or hatred. As it is, racial integration in schools is already at its lowest level and no proper action is taken to correct the situation.

I shudder to think of the consequences of this kind of ill advice given by a man in authority and custodian of the nation's education system. The very same person who flashed the keris some time ago.

Parents send their children to gain a sound education and learn good moral values - not to demonstrate or to be taught to play politics or create any animosity.

I had the good fortune of having a good education in the mission schools of old and I can still remember that we used to observe a few minutes of silence in prayers for those people ravaged by war or some natural disasters. At no one time was there any expression of any anger or hatred shown to any one.

Please do not make the mistakes that others around the world made with young, innocent and tender lives who just follow the adults and are not in a position to realise if it is right or wrong.

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