Sunday, January 18, 2009


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In line with PKR-PAS victory in KT "by-buy-bye-bye" election, I am attracted by many comments of these 'True Malaysians' which I wish to put them as 'archive' for my children, friends, fellow Malaysians (include those with ostrich and racist mentality) and world audiences to read and showcase to international community that a New Malaysia is soon to be born.

written by OmegaMan, January 17, 2009
OTK, are you again talking to yourself? Who in Malaysia are you trying to convince that KT Chinese voters were behind MCA and BN? The Chinese people had just about enough of MCA and the likes of you and this is a clear sign of rejection. The new generation of voters are colour blind and all that they desire are elected representatives like PR who will boldly speak out for them on issues that are close to their hearts and the politicans that they detest most are the yes-man politicians. So run along and do your trumpeting elsewhere.

written by zik, January 17, 2009

Syabas! Congratulations!
written by ktteokt, January 18, 2009
Congratulations to all partners in Pakatan Rakyat for the victory in KT by-election! You have shown the whole nation that race and religion are not criteria to unity! Losing GE12, the PP by-election and now the KT by-election is something BN has never experienced in the last half a century, what's more all three running consecutively. This shows the maturity of the electorate in Malaysia and that they relinquished the fear posed by threats from BN!

I just hope that from now on, BN will discard its old lines of action and reform. But looking at the way BN has been performing since March 08, I doubt they will do so! A leopard never change its spots.

Pakatan Rakyat will be truly multi-racial
written by Fitri, January 17, 2009
Congrats DAP.
Tjhe next GE will see Pakatan Rakyat : PAS (Malay, Chinese and Indian Muslim + Chinese, Indian, Orang Asli, Iban non-Muslim) + DAP (Chinese, Indian, Malay) + PKR (Malay, Chinese, Indian, various Sabah ethnic, various Sarawak ethnic) VS racial based BN component parties spearheaded by UMNO.
I hope Malaysian sanity will allow multiracial parties to prevail over the racial-based parties.

written by Honest view, January 17, 2009
I told you guys, DAP is a multiracial party with meritocracy. This also reflects Malay Malaysian are desire for MERITOCRACY.

Who cares who is the PM or MB or CM, so long he / she is elected on merit through democracy.

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